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Our experience throughout the years enables us to provide a wide range of services both for individuals and corporate clients.
Being a small bank in size has never meant to be a limitation on the range of services we can offer you.
Our professional team in the bank try to offer you the best services in the most efficient manner.
The following services are available for corporate clients:

  • Trade Finance
    • Issuance and transfer of Letters of Credit
    • Advising of Letters of Credit
    • Amending of Letters of Credit
    • Checking of documents presented against L/Cs
    • Payment of presented documents
    • Performing the role of Reimbursing Bank under L/Cs
    • Adding of the bank's silent confirmation to L/Cs
    • Discounting of Usance Letters of Credit
    • Assigning proceeds to third parties
    • Documentary collections
    • Issuance and amendment of Letters of Guarantee

     Email:   _TradeFinance@persiabank.co.uk

    • Project Finance
    • Commercial Loans
    • Overdraft Facilities
    • Current and Deposit Accounts

    The following services are available for personal clients:

    • Current, Deposit and Savings Accounts
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