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Q: Are you registered as a UK bank or an Iranian bank operating in the UK?
A: We are registered as a UK bank and our only share holders are two major Iranian banks.

Q: Are you providing services for corporate clients only?
A: No, we are able to provide services to both individuals and clients.

Q: Who are the main shareholders of Persia International Bank PLC?
A: Bank Mellat and Bank Tejarat hold a 60% and 40% shareholding respectively in the capital of the bank.

Q: What is your company registration number in the UK?
A: Persia International Bank PLC. is registered in England No 4218020

Q: When did Persia International Bank PLC commence trading?
A: Persia International Bank PLC commenced trading in London on 29th April 2002.

Q: What is your FCA Firm Reference Number (FRN)?
A: Our FRN with the FCA is 208020.

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